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From late 1998 to early 2015, news items of literary interest were posted on the site's portal page. That is no longer the case (both because similar items may now be found on other English-language sites and because of demands on the webmaster's time), but the archives from those years remain available here. To avoid broken links, none have been retained in the archives. Relevant information about authors, literary awards, and the like can be accessed from other pages.

Archives 2012

[Not that it was a spare year for literary news -- the webmaster was otherwise occupied.]

January - April 2012

146th Akutagawa and Naoki Prizes announced (January 17, 2012)

The 146th Akutagawa Prize will be awarded to two writers: Tanaka Shin'ya, for Tomogui (Cannibals, published in the October 2011 issue of Subaru), and Enjō Tō, for Dokē no chō (The Harlequin Butterfly, published in the July 2011 issue of Gunzō). The 146th Naoki Prize will go to Homuro Rin for Higurashi no ki (Everyday Life, published by Shōdensha). Both Kuroi Senji and Ishihara Shintarō have announced that they are leaving the Akutagawa Prize selection committee, the former citing his age (he is 80 years old) and the latter complaining that he has wearied of the low quality of Japanese literary fiction. Tanaka Shin'ya created a bit of a media stir (and stimulated sales) by announcing that he had decided to accept the prize to avoid giving an "unnamed" committee member such a shock that it would disrupt Tokyo politics (Ishihara is, of course, the governor of Tokyo).


May - August 2012

147th Akutagawa and Naoki Prizes announced (July 17, 2012)

The 147th Akutagawa Prize has been won by Kashimada Maki for Meido meguri (Journey Through the Underworld, published in the Spring edition of Bungei). The 147th Naoki Prize will be given to Tsujimura Mitsuki for her collection of short stories, Kagi no nai yume o miru (Dreams Without Keys, published by Bungei Shunjū). The presentation ceremony will be held in Tokyo on August 28.


September - December 2012

Sorry, no archives for this part of the year.