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Premodern authors T-Z

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Dates Genre
Tachibana no Akemi 橘 曙覧 1812 - 1868 waka
Takarai (Enomoto) Kikaku 宝井(榎本) 其角 1661 - 1707 haikai
Takebe Ayatari 建部 綾足 1719 - 1774 haikai
Takechi no Kurohito 高市 黒人 fl. ca. 700 waka
Takeda Izumo 竹田 出雲 ? - 1747 jōruri
Takemoto Gidayū 竹本 義太夫 1651 - 1714 jōruri
Tamenaga Shunsui 為永 春水 1790 - 1843 gesaku
Tayasu Munetake 田安 宗武 1715 - 1771 waka
Toda Mosui 戸田 茂水 1629 - 1706 waka
Ton'a 頓阿 1289 - 1372 waka
Toneri Shinnō 舎人 親王 676 - 735 history
Tsuga Teishō 都賀 庭鐘 1718 - before 1806 gesaku
Tsuruya Nanboku 鶴屋 南北 1755 - 1829 kabuki
Tsuyu no Gorobee 露 の 五郎兵衛 1643? - 1703 rakugo
Ueda Akinari 上田 秋成 1734 - 1809 kokugaku, waka, gesaku
Uejima Onitsura 上島 鬼貫 1661 - 1738 haikai
Yamabe no Akahito 山部 赤人 fl. 724-736 waka
Yamanoue no Okura 山上 憶良 660 - 733? waka
Yamazaki Sōkan 山崎 宗鑑 ? - ca. 1540 renga, haikai
Yanagawa Seigan 梁川 星巌 1789 - 1858 kanshi
Yokoi Yayū 横井 也有 1702 - 1783 haikai
Yosa Buson 与謝 蕪村 1716 - 1783 haikai
Zeami Motokiyo 世阿弥 元清 1363 - 1443
Zekkai Chūshin 絶海 中津 1336 - 1405 kanshi


Use the button menu to display tables with the names of premodern or modern Japanese writers in both English and Japanese. Also included are the author's dates and the main genre or genres in which he or she worked. Note that these lists follow the usual Japanese practice of giving the surname first. As a convenience, spaces have been added to the Japanese versions of the names to indicate the break between first and last names; normally these spaces would not appear.

Dates of birth and death are based on the calendar in effect at the time: the lunar calendar until the second day of the Twelfth Month (nominally December) of 1872, and the Gregorian calendar beginning from January 1, 1873 (the dates from December 3 to December 31, 1872, do not exist in Japanese history). Authors who were born or died around the time of the Meiji Restoration may be given dates based on either or both of these calendars, depending on the source (Sōseki is a good example, and writers like Ozaki Kōyō and Saitō Ryokuu will even be given different years of birth). Much of the information has been checked in multiple sources (where they conflict and I have been unable to determine which is correct, I have usually given precedence to the Shinchō Nihon-bungaku jiten). However, some mistakes may remain and corrections will be gratefully received.